Terms and Conditions

Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for third party services i.e. transport or hotel. Transporter will be responsible for the travel delay, and hotels will be for the hospitality.

Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for ensuring safety of your personal belongings or documents.

If any promise is done for your package and also written in your package vouchers but not provided you the same at that time then we try to give you compensate for the services or inconvenience. We request to all our customers to take all the details in written through our official site: www.bluearcholidays.com

Bluearc Holidays offers night basis packages. Last day is only for check-out as per the policy of the hotel.

Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for any stay in the hotel unless you have any written documents with you that are provided by us.

Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for any services and star rating of the hotel. Because we recommend the hotel through customer reviews and rating placed on the internet by customers and also by our previous customers’ experience.

All our customers are requested to go through reviews and photos of the hotel before making any booking with the hotel. So that there will not be any inconvenience to you at the time of your holidays. You will have a great and enjoyable vacations.

Some hotels normally asks for the non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Please check with us regarding the refund policy for the same.

We request our customer for pay some amount as per the policy for the booking confirmation. All other can be paid after receiving booking conformation.

Hotel check-in time: 02:00 PM
Hotel Check-out time 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
International hotel breakfast time 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM (Rest depends on Hotel)

Early check-in and late check-out will be as per the availability of rooms depends on Hotel. This can be charged additionally. Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for any additional charges charged by hotel for early check-in or late check-out.

In case of any delay or cancellation of flight, customer can missed the opportunity of sight-seeing. Bluearc Holidays will not refund any amount for this. All these terms and conditions are governs by tour operations. No employee of the company can modify this.

Exactness not guaranteed:
Bluearc Holidays will not take guarantee of cleanliness of any services in this package because the photos of the hotel are uploaded by our respective hotels. So, Bluearc Holidays not gives guarantee for the room’s appearance. Only we wants you to have an enjoyable experience to meet your imagination.

Cancellation charges
Amount after cancellation of booking will be non-refundable and also in some cases cancellation charges will be according to per person.In some hotels cancellation charges will be according to the region and also policy of the particular area, each package has its own cancellation policy.

Confiscation of Deposits:
Bluearc Holidays has the right to confiscate the whole non-refundable amount. In case of any sickness, medical problems, cancellation charges may be applicable as mentioned in the policy.

Important Notice
1) Customers are requested to carry the valid photo ID proof and the hard copy of complete voucher provided by Bluearc Holidays to present the hotel and avail the services through booking. If you don’t present vouchers at the hotel while check-in, hotel can deny your booking and not allowed you to check-in the Hotel. Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for any inconvenience.
2) Bluearc Holidays will provide you the similar hotel in case of mentioned hotel is overbooked.
3) Kindly avoid being over drunk by intake of hard drinks during the flight to avoid any inconvenience during your arrival and Immigration.
4) Any increase in the taxes will be paid by the customer.
5) If you make payment online through then 3.5% transaction charges will be charged of the total booking amount. In case of cancellation of booking Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for the refund of transaction amount. There will be 8% transaction charges for the customer making payments through American Express card. This will also be non-refundable.
6) There is possibility if increasing in rates due to gap between quotation and actual time of booking. In this case, increased amount would be collected from the customers.
7) We request you to book your package immediately so that there will not be any issue regarding the rates. All the confirmation will be considered after receiving the payment for the booking.
8) You can deposit cash payments in our bank account or pay through credit card/debit card. If Bluearc Holidays will not receive any amount from the customer then booking will automatically be cancelled.
9) Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for any compensation if the company or the customer are forced to cancel the booking due to any outside uncontrolled situation.

Tour and Payment Policy:
1) Customer is requested to carry E-tickets and booking vouchers with a valid ID proof.
2) Booking can be confirmed only after getting the minimum booking amount from the customer.
3) Bluearc Holidays will not be responsible for any type of traveller Visa, refund amount and applicable charges that are implicated by the supplier.
4) Additional money for any change in booking will be collected from the customer.
5) There may be some surcharges applicable over and above the package.
6) Customers are requested to make some advance payment for the confirmation of the booking and also make the balance payment clear as per the policy/discussion with the company.

Disclaimer Policy:
Bluearc Holidays always ensure its customers for the good quality material at affordable prices that displayed on our websites and are accurate at the date of issue. Change in market condition or circumstances may occur after the issue date, it no longer reflect the current position.
Bluearc Holidays reflects any representation warranty, undertaking in relation to the accuracy, complete quality or any content of this website.
We will neither be responsible for any losses if any credit/ debit card, verification no. and billing address can’t be verified in a timely manner nor we are responsible for any change in rates or any other change that may occur during the verification and billing process. We make full efforts to work with hotels and packages which provide an acceptable standard of paid services.
We will not be liable to pay any compensation if company or customer are forced to cancel the booking due to any outside uncontrolled situation.

Points to remember:
1) The visa should be valid for minimum 6 months to the date of returning.
2) Payment will not be refundable in some cases; especially group packages will not be refunded after booking confirmation.
3) Booking for more visitors, cancellation charges will be applicable depending on the total cost of the package or up to the hotel, supplier and transport.